Ekpeye Proverbs (elu ekpeye)

  • Unu so leh ele, eweh dho li ikubhe, iye dho ni ikube bu uza.

Meaning: the bird that hates the soil should not perch on an ant hill because the ant hill is sand.

  • Unu bu ugama li kooo, bu iye ukpa weh unwo uzhie.

Meaning: The hen said apart from making picking the floor, she has nothing to train her children.

  • Enyi uyo leh  uwhor mu da le edha aka kpom bu bu adha ukpo we ya udo

Meaning:If an elephjant has a running stomach and falls down, let it not say that it is the spear/ arrow thrown on him that lead to the fall.

  • Ubuleh bu eka uyulo unwo umeledhe, unwo umeledhe gwe eguma.

Meaning: If the hand of a little child isn’t filled, he won’t show generosity.

  • Ewelewele uka nwe au yeji eyeji, mu bah gwaliwhor au gba li elanwu

Meaning: The butterfly doesn’t have clothes to put on, not to mention of the one to spread in the sun.

  • Nye uzu enyi uzhi li ishi, ukpotor emene izu li uko.

Meaning: One who carries an elephant on his head does not chase after crickets.

  • Ogologwuagida  bu awha ma hau leh uyi, bu odu gbiyo odo le yah.

Meaning: The chameleon said after settling the matter being accused, it shouldn’t receive bad signs anymore.

  • Adhi ukpo gbe ede, ede la ala li adhi yaa.

Meaning: wherever cocoyam is being poured, cocoyam doesn’t cease to germinate there.

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