Language learning routine

Are you overwhelmed by how much there is to do when learning a language and you don’t really know where to start? Like you’re always starting and stopping and starting and stopping? Unsure about how to fit language learning in when you’ve got so many other commitments like your job, family, friends, furry friends and other hobbies?​You’re not alone! And maybe you’re wondering why the one quick tip approach hasn’t worked.​Here’s why it might not work (spoiler: the reason is not you!)Learning a language is a wonderfully personal thing.​What works for a student preparing for an exam may not work for a retired person who’s learning for travel. What works for a hobbyist learning for fun might be different to an expat in a dash to learn the language for work. Just because someone swears by a certain method, or they have fancy marketing, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. ​​Finding a plan that works is simpler than you realize, but it needs something special that you won’t find anywhere else: you. A good Language study habit is all you need.