About us

Maji ke ye Joka


Who we are and what
we stand for


  • To provide quarterly tutorials on virtual platforms.
  • To maintain a support group for learner’s questions and feedback.
  • To create avenues for the harmonization of the Ekpeye dialect.
  • To contribute to the review and adoption of a standard Ekpeye language curriculum.
  • organize forums for cultural exchange for interaction of Ekpeye people at home and abroad.
  • To advocate for the teaching of Ekpeye language in Ekpeye community schools.
  • To convene Ekpeye language conference at yearly intervals.

Our Vision

To inspire a generation of youths that contribute to the development of Ekpeye in every part of the world, through their ability to speak ekpeye fluently.

Our Mission

Speak Ekpeye Fluently initiative is on a journey to provide virtual tutorials of the Ekpeye language to stimulate cultural exchange and development through digital platforms.

Our Goal

To impact knowledge on how to speak Ekpeye fluently using methods that stimulate interest in the culture and development of Ekpeye land.

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