Lesson 1: The Ekpeye Alphabets

Learn the Ekpeye alphabets to aid the easy pronunciation of Ekpeye words and vocabulary building. You too can speak Ekpeye fluently!

Lesson 2: Ekpeye Greetings

Learn How to greet in the Ekpeye Native Language.

Ekpeye lullaby

“ekeke o” is a lullaby mostly sang to coo little children to sleep.

Elulu (Ekpeye proverbs)

Reciting proverbs is as effective as not using them, beyond the usual recitation, it is important to know what time and event to use ekpeye proverbs, in order to communicate the appropriate message and achieve the desired result.

Eyolukanyi (Ekpeye Folktales series)

Here, we have curated some of the finest Ekpeye stories often told through oral tradition. These tales are often accompanied by songs, and we encourage you to sing along as you enjoy them.