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Speak Ekpeye Fluently Trailer Video

We believe language is everything. For an ethnic group like ours (Ekpeye), a minority in the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria, our language is endangered and faced with the threats of going into extinction in decades to come. As more and more native Ekpeye speakers embrace English as their first language, the percentage of native Ekpeye speakers declines, leaving the present generation in a state of identity crisis. Here at speak Ekpeye fluently we provide virtual tutorials of the Ekpeye language to stimulate cultural exchange and development through digital platforms, you can learn to speak Ekpeye fluently just the easy way!

Lesson 1: The Ekpeye Alphabets

Learn the Ekpeye alphabets to aid the easy pronunciation of Ekpeye words and vocabulary building. You too can speak Ekpeye fluently!

Ekpeye lullaby

“ekeke o” is a lullaby mostly sang to coo little children to sleep.

Lesson 2: Ekpeye Greetings

Learn How to greet in the Ekpeye Native Language.

Elulu (Ekpeye proverbs)

Reciting proverbs is as effective as not using them, beyond the usual recitation, it is important to know what time and event to use ekpeye proverbs, in order to communicate the appropriate message and achieve the desired result.
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