Eyokukanyi PDF document

About the Book

The book Éyolukanyị̀ (Ancient Wisdom) is a unique compilation of Ekpeye folktales, proverbs and a short dictionary. This book was created via a collaborative project between Franca Umasoye Igwe, Julen Villarreal Moreno and High Chief Tony Vincent Ijere.

Other contributors are Roberto Barbero Goñi and his students as well as artist Angela Moreno who created all illustrations used in the book.

In November 2022, the Gesellschaft für bedrohte Sprachen (Society for Endangered Languages, University of Cologne) awarded the project a grant, which allowed to finish the book and print it.

The goal of this publication is to help preserve the oral heritage of the Ekpeye people. Traditionally, Ekpeye literature is transmitted orally but modernization has weaked its transmission.
Thus, a physical format such as this book can help safeguard and promote this heritage.