Esther Orisa

Before the tutorial I couldn’t even speak, though I understand I don’t speak coz I feel embarrassed, but since the tutorial, I don’t even mind if I am wrong I just let it out and tell them to correct me.

Appah Ruth

“ I am a beneficiary of this initiative in trying to teach and promote our cultural heritage! Though I had a little knowledge of the Epeye language, but it faded with time thank you for reviving it! God bless the team immensely.”

Deborah Anthony

“So far the Ekpeye fluency class has been so nice & interesting, learning how to speak ekpeye, how to greet in Ekpeye, how to recognize your in-laws, and also how to count Money that’s one of the most interesting classes ever!”

Godshelp Chimaji Emeoka

“I must commend the organizers of this program. The fluency class(es) has deeply improved my knowledge of the Ekpeye language, especially as it concerns the counting of money.”

Favor Ewoh

“The platform has been great and informative thus far, it’s a privilege”

Mobuayo Pedro Egbe

“The lessons were definitely beneficial and I believe the biggest benefit was realizing that these lessons were vocal. More time is spent actually speaking and seeing how the language is written which I believe is one of the best ways to practice the language. Classes were easy enough to comprehend from a beginner’s perspective and I was able to use the knowledge learned to practice with other family members. With the notes I took down, I still have time to go over what I have learned and with these simple classes, I am beginning to recognize more Ekpeye words from the vocabulary learned when people are speaking my language. Recognizing words in a sentence allows a beginner learner, like myself, to translate text. While imperfect, it still provides a medium of communication in learning and understanding the language, one not easily discovered if the vocabulary of the language isn’t sound. All in all, super fun class and a good introduction to learning my language!”