April 20, 2021Published by admin on April 20, 2021 0Categories

Parental Roles in Language Preservation

I don’t know about you…  But My father barely speaks Ekpeye with me, we communicate in ekpeye only when it’s a serious issue or when he’s […]February 13, 2021Published by admin on February 13, 2021 0Categories

Ekpeye Proverbs (elu ekpeye)

Unu so leh ele, eweh dho li ikubhe, iye dho ni ikube bu uza. Meaning: the bird that hates the soil should not perch on an […]February 10, 2021Published by admin on February 10, 2021 0Categories

Counting of Figures in Ekpeye Language

 1= Nwune 2= iboh 3= itoh 4= inoh 5= ise 6= isu 7=Isaboh it is better by saying ise li boh  which is 5 and 2 […]

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